Red Cross Swim App!


As the inaugural post we thought it would be fitting that we start with a very useful resource that has benefited many of our clients.

The American Red Cross is typically known for its services around the world aiding in hunger, disaster relief, and other issues for humanity. In 2014 the American Red Cross conducted a survey where itĀ  showed that a large percentage of Americans do not have adequate water safety skills. Following the survey, the American Red Cross started a campaign to increase awareness to water safety and drowning preventions.

Since then, the American Red Cross has created an app with useful information regarding water safety. The SWIM app is available on both the App Store and Google Play. Check it out here.

Water safety is very important especially if you have toddlers which is why Aqua Sessions provides swim lessons starting fromĀ  infants to adults. You can check out the American Red Cross water safety page for more valuable info.

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